Frustration and Dissatisfaction

Frustration and dissatisfaction are now much commoner that at any time in history. Human beings are losing faith in them and in God. We live in a world that sets up fights and divide humans in so many different ways and at so many levels. It comes to a point that it is compulsory to know where the reason is and where justice must prevail. It is time to be aware, to fight for the right thing and show our position fearless to the world. You cannot fight inside of the box and you cannot please both parts equally by putting yourself in a neutral and comfortable position.

We take pride in our allegedly civilized and so called western sophisticated society but our complex and ever changing world is constantly creating new pressures and stresses. This is a sign! You should see it!

Fear, jealousy, suspicion, socially inspired ambitions and endless layers of guilt are mixed together to create physical disorders such as high blood pressure as well as mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. This is so common on this side of the world but why don’t you open the window a give a look to what happens outside. If you look beyond the line of the horizon you will see other causes of depression, despair, pain and agony in such a deep level that probably your heart won’t handle to see so much misery in Palestine.

Can you just imagine for one second (close your eyes) listen to the sounds of the rockets, the screams, yelling names, calling for the names of the loved ones that probably where caught. Go on imagining the children sited on the ground, on the streets, covered of blood, with anguish eyes looking for hope and consolation for a parent that probably is already dead. Keep thinking about the destruction, the confusion, the smell of blood spread all over people and on the ground, feel your shoe smashing that blood as you walk in this recognition trip in the area, as you walk you almost fell down on a body that you can’t move because there bricks and cement on top of him and you keep going watching, observing, feeling all these intense emotions and yet you can look at their faces and you see faith, hope and love for their people, for their nation. Now, open your eyes! What a relief! You weren’t actually there but now you are emotionally richer because inside of you there thousands of new emotions that you have never felt while you were inside of the box.

It is Time to get united, to support, to be there in all the ways you can because no matter how little you do, it is always a huge help. Many people have completely lost their faith in the future of mankind. The world is seen as a dangerous and violent place. We must be strong and do not allow the ugliness around us to contaminate our lives so that we won’t suffer spiritually and aesthetically.

It is so unfair to be aware that millions feel isolated and lonely. Old, simple truths are persistently being replaced with new, complex half-truths that nobody understands!